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values of wild church

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What we value

While we don't promote any particular dogma, creed, or institutional parameters, we are led by important values that continue to evolve. 

  • Reverencing Life in all its unique expressions. Life expressed as you, as your neighbor from Iraq or Alabama, those from the deserts of Africa or the islands of Europe. As Oak that grows in your yard, Hawk that soars the thermals,  Thunderstorm that strikes the Oak, or innocent Mouse that becomes dinner for Hawk. All beings are infused with divine presence.
  • This evolutionary moment in history - tending to the felt experience of grief at the collapse we witness at all levels and the optimism of the seeds of a new story that is emerging within the destruction. The reality of new life from ashes, the sacred cycle of life, death and rebirth. Of transformation for individuals, the collective, social and biological systems, the planet. 
  • The truth of our interconnection with all beings, arising from the same Source. 
  • A relationality of kinship with all of creation. 
  • Being led by what is emergent, what is bubbling up from the earth and spirit, listening to voices on the edges of norms, inviting new ways of meeting challenges, considering what might seem irrational, querying the way things are. With philosopher Bayo Akomolafe we question, "What if the way we respond to the crisis is part of the crisis?" 
  • Love and inclusion of all human and more-than-humans in an expanded belonging.
  • Liberation of the body of the earth from destructive technologies and species supremacy
  • Liberation of black and brown-bodied peoples from white supremacy and from colonized mindsets for all peoples. 

Land Acknowledgement 

The Wild Church Network includes wild churches across the United States and Canada, and some across the ocean. The place known by the state sanctioned term “North America,” is known as Turtle Island to many Indigenous and First Nations peoples, based on a common creation story. These lands we gather on, live with, and love is colonized land, settled by white European peoples from whom many of us descend. We don't dismiss the complexity of human migration and each of our lineage’s unique ancestral movements across oceans and lands in search of safety, belonging. And, we acknowledge the harm caused to Indigenous Peoples, land, waters, and creatures, and seek ways to help heal this harm through relationship, kinship, and attention.

Wild Church leaders are encouraged to research their own watershed’s indigenous and settler histories and the current conditions of local native peoples, and to acknowledge these realities as the ground they stand on in their gatherings. 

Out of respect for indigenous cultures that have retained a cultural kinship with all of creation, members are encouraged to include any or all of the following as part of their own connection with the land and the land’s historic keepers: 

  • Honor the land’s lineages through acknowledgment or other ways;

  • Be aware of potential appropriation of indigenous practices as we also practice earth-honoring ways;

  • Learn about the specific indigenous histories of the territories in which we dwell;

  • Stand with local indigenous peoples in their struggle for justice for their land and waters, and for their culture and livelihoods. 

  • Learn personal ancestral lineages and ancient practices of connection with the earth. 

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